European Chafer City Subsidy Program

The City of New Westminster is offering a 50% discount on the purchase of nematode packages. New Westminster residents are entitled, on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis, to pre-purchase a maximum of two nematode packages. There are 250 nematodes packages available for this subsidy program.

You may pre-purchase more nematode packages as desired at full price.


Starting April 23, 2021 through to June 4, 2021, you can pre-purchase your subsidized or full price nematode packages through GardenWorks at Mandeville and GardenWorks at Lougheed, Burnaby.

Payment is required at the time of purchase and NO refunds are offered.

For subsidized sales, proof (two pieces of ID) of New Westminster residency (i.e., utility bill, credit card statement, etc. issued within the past three months) and government-issued photo identification are required.

Nematodes require proper storage and need o be applied soon upon receipt. Follow the instructions on your nematode package. This requires a pre-purchase system to ensure the viability of the nematodes. You will be contacted by the seller once the nematodes are available for pickup.

The City of New Westminster currently subsidizes the purchase of nematode packages as it has historically been the most effective biological treatment available.  We are currently testing products containing Bacillus, which is allowed under the City’s pesticide bylaw. The most common product using Bacillus as the active ingredient is Scott’s Grub B Gon, which is available at many garden centers.

See also: Lawn Watering Regulations & Permits