European Chafer City Subsidy Program

2020 European Chafer City Subsidy Program


The City is offering a 50% discount on the purchase of nematode packages. New Westminster residents are entitled, on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis, to pre-purchase a maximum of two nematode packages. There are 250 nematodes packages available for this subsidy program.

You may pre-purchase more nematode packages as desired at full price.


Starting April 30, 2020, you can pre-purchase your subsidized or full price nematode packages through GardenWorks at Mandeville and GardenWorks at Lougheed, Burnaby.

Payment is required at the time of purchase and NO refunds are offered.

For subsidized sales, proof (two pieces of ID) of New Westminster residency (i.e., utility bill, credit card statement, etc. issued within the past three months) and government issued photo identification are required.

Nematodes require proper storage and applied soon upon receipt. Follow the instructions on your nematode package. This requires a pre-purchase system to ensure the viability of the nematodes.  You will be contacted by the seller once the nematodes are available for pickup.

What are Nematodes?

Nematodes are a biological control agent that help eliminate the European Chafer Grub. The following links provide addition Chafer and nematode information and a video.

Follow the directions on the nematode package for proper application.

Lawn watering Regulations

Nematodes require regular sprinkling to help them travel to the Chafer Grubs below the lawn surface. Depending on the status of water restrictions, watering may be restricted or prohibited when you need to apply and water the nematodes. 

To ensure you have lawn watering permission, without incurring a Water Shortage Response Bylaw No. 6948, 2004 fine, you can apply online after May 1st for a lawn watering permit to allow predefined watering allowances. Please apply for the watering permit 72 hours before you plan on applying the nematodes.