Past Event Materials and Council Reports

Throughout the process, all of the event materials and reports to Council will be posted on this webpage. Take a look through the material to see what has been accomplished to date.

2020 Bold Vision

On February 24th, 2020, Council reaffirmed 22nd Street Station Area as a key project in achieving the City’s affordable housing and climate action strategy priorities.


Background Material from the OCP Review Process

Material from the OCP review process that relates to the 22nd Street SkyTrain Station area is included below. Click here for more detail on the process of creating the OCP and click here to see the all of the consultation material and past Council reports. Click here to view the OCP, adopted in October 2017.

Your Plan for OUR CITY

Open houses held in February 2017 presented the draft Official Community Plan for community review and feedback. 


Our Future City

The purpose of the events held in September and October 2016 was to present the draft vision, goals, policies, and Future Land Use Map. While feedback was received on each of these items the focus was on getting feedback on the draft Land Use Designation Map so that appropriate revisions could be made.


Community Conversation on Housing

Open houses, workshops and online survey were used to gather feedback between November 2015 and February 2016 to gather feedback on what housing fits and where housing goes.


Neighbourhood Visioning Process

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Visioning Process was to explore the questions with the community such as: what do you think your neighbourhood and the city should be like in the future? This was the first step toward creating the Land Use Designation Map.