Sewer Rehabilitation


In order to ensure the consistent and safe operation of our sewers, the City undertakes an annual rehabilitation program. As part of 2017 Sewer Rehabilitation Program, the City will be working on sewer mains at various locations using a combination of pipe bursting and open cut methods. The work will be carried out by PW Trenchless and is expected to start mid November 2017 with completion by April 2018.

What is pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting is used to replace brittle pipes through the application of a static or pneumatic bursting head to fragment the existing pipe. Simultaneously, a new product pipe, attached to the back of the bursting head, is installed in the same alignment as the original pipe.

Locations of work

Please click on the map for a larger view. This map is for general illustrative purposes only.


Single lane alternating traffic through work sites will be maintained at all times but traffic delays can be expected. Temporary closure of minor streets and lanes may also occur during the work.

At various stages of the work, access to property driveways may be temporarily interrupted. The contractor will coordinate any anticipated interruptions with individual properties in advance to minimize any inconvenience. On-street parking will also be temporarily removed in the work area during construction.

Immediately impacted residents and businesses will receive a notice of construction prior to work commencing.

City Contact

Should you require further information regarding this project, please contact Hooman Hedayatnassab, Project Engineer, at 604-515-3778 or by email at