Riverside Adventure Park Playground Replacement

Riverside Adventure Park Playground Redevelopment Concept Plan

The Riverside Adventure Park Playground opened on Tuesday, May 10, 2022!

What is happening?

Riverside Adventure Park is a 0.69 hectare park in the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood, located at Fifth Avenue and Sharp Street. The original adventure playground was built in 1972, with a major upgrade to the playground completed in 1995. Due to its age, the playground was scheduled for replacement in 2021; however, it reached end of life sooner than expected and the climbing tower play structure was removed in October 2020. Through a two-phase public engagement process, staff have developed a preferred concept plan for redevelopment of the playground. The preferred concept retains all mature existing trees in the park, improves accessibility to (and between) the play zones and provides opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to play collaboratively or independently. The capital budget for this project is $250,000.

The current schedule anticipates construction to begin January 24, 2022, and completion anticipated for May 2022. 


Erika Mashig