Queen’s Park Bike Skills Park

Photo of the proposed site in Queen’s Park                                                         Map of proposed bike park route


What is happening

In 2020, the city’s operations staff discovered unsanctioned bike jump features in the forested northwest quadrant of Queen’s Park.  The bike jumps were not built to city standards and posed a public safety risk.  In addition, the features were constructed  in areas of the park where ecological restoration efforts are currently underway. 

To mitigate risk and the negative impact to forest restoration, staff removed the features and installed signage to explain why the features were removed.  The signs also encouraged the users to contact the Parks & Recreation Department to help us better understand the recent boom in popularity of bike skills parks and need within Queen’s Park.  As a result, staff have collaborated with local youth to plan and design a small bike skills park within the context of the Queen’s Park Masterplan (2013).

The project aims to create a purpose-built bike park that meets the needs of the biking community, from beginners to experts –  but also encourages safe and responsible use of the forest and respects the ongoing ecological restoration efforts in Queen’s Park.

Implementation is anticipated to commence in fall of 2021 by city forces.

For background on this project, please see page 491 of the June 7th Council report


Project Contact

For more information about this project, please contact:

Erika Mashig  emashig@newwestcity.ca