Optional Dog Park Separation Gate Pilot Project

Project Update - March 04/2024

We recently conducted a survey (https://www.beheardnewwest.ca/dog-gates-feedback) to gather feedback on the Dog Off-Leash Area Separation Gates, and the results indicated that there was mostly positive support for their inclusion. However, some of the feedback we received suggested that additional clarification was required regarding how to use the gates effectively. To address this issue, we have installed additional signage to provide more information on how to use the separation gate correctly. Please refer to the instructions below to ensure that you are using the separation gates properly.


Separation Gate Reminders:

  • Small or Shy Dogs Have Priority
  • Do not cut through the small or shy dog off-leash area.
  • Small or shy dogs may become distressed when approached by a larger dog.
  • The separation gate may be opened to create one large all-dog area when all users of the small or shy dog area give consent.
  • The gate may be closed to create a separate small or shy dog area at the discretion of small of shy dog owners.
  • The gate must remain closed unless dogs are actively using both areas.
  • Close the gate when you leave the off-leash area.

PROJECT description

The idea to identify opportunities to extend off-leash dog areas with a “separable” area was supported by the community and included in the People, Parks & Pups Strategy (2022).

Moody Park Dog Off-Leash Area

In 2018, a small/shy dog area was created in the Moody Park off-leash dog area on a trial basis. At the end of the trial period, a survey was conducted to gather input from park users.
Feedback indicated that the majority of respondents were in favor of creating a new small/shy dog off-leash dog area; however, many residents also expressed a need to create more flexibility within the off-leash area and the amount of space available. In order to test how a more flexible space might work, New Westminster Parks and Recreation will be installing a new a small/shy dog area where we will be piloting an optional separation gate. At users’ discretion, the optional separation gate may be open to create one large all-dog area or closed to create a separate small/shy dog area. The entrance to the small/shy dog area is designated for small/shy dogs only. All other dogs must use the entrances to the main off-leash area.

The pilot location was chosen due to:
1) Location of drinking station to remain available to all dogs.
2) Location of service / maintenance gate.
3) Avoiding conflict with existing trees and tree roots.

Queen's Park Dog Off-Leash Area

The Queen’s Park dog off-leash area has also been selected as a special study area to pilot an optional separation gate between the all-dog off-leash area and the small/shy dog off-leash area. At users’ discretion, the optional separation gate may be open to create one large, all-dog area or closed to create a separate small/shy dog area.

Important Dates

  • Staff will be visiting the dog off-leash areas between August and October to collect feedback from dog owners.

Separable Area Rules

  1. Please keep the gate closed unless you are actively using both areas
  2. Remember to close the gate when you have finished using the space
  3. Please consult with other off-leash area users before opening the gate to make sure everyone using the space is comfortable
  4. Preference for the gate position (open or closed) is given to owners exclusively using the small/shy dog area