Canada 150 Mural

In the summer of 2016, the City of New Westminster participated in the Canada 150 national mosaic mural project, creating a community artwork that is aesthetically, narratively and virtually connected by way of an 80,000 tile, 100% hand-painted, massive coast-to-coast mural. Cities and communities across Canada have been adding their stories, celebrating their iconic landmarks and trademarks. Each individual mural represents a train car, which inevitably will join the other murals to form a gigantic train- the foundation of the unification of Canada. The mural, designed by artist Lewis Lavoie and local community members, showcases our working riverfront, beloved tin soldier and historic Pattullo Bridge. Made up of over 700 individual tiles, community members of all ages helped contribute to the mural, creating one piece in this national mosaic legacy.

Community Art
Queen's Park
Installation year:
Primary materials:
Hand painted tiles on dibond
Centennial Lodge, Queens Park