Diver Inverse

This sculpture is a developer-initiated public art project depicting a life-size diving figure on a three-sided, 16-foot tall concrete plinth in Renaissance Square. It was donated to the residents of New Westminster by Aragon Properties Ltd.

About the artist:

David Robinson was born in Toronto, Ontario where he began studying Fine Arts at the Central Technical Institute. He continued his studies at Vancouver Community College and became an Honours Graduate in the Sculpture Program at the Ontario College of Art. Robinson's striking sculptures incorporate a variety of materials ranging from traditional bronze, iron, steel and silver to polymer-gypsum, cement and hydrostone. While his work is primarily figurative, he often adds psychological and mythological twists to his subjects through the use of cables and strings, which both connect and dissociate his figures from their environment and further describe the inherent tension that exists between things. Robinson says, "It seems to me that my sculptures, before they are anything else, are manifestations of fitful waking dreams; narratives whole and smashed, images, ideas, all distilled through the passage of time and the particular resistance of matter." Robinson has a deep reverence for imagery and symbolism, and this, combined with his remarkable skill allows the viewer to participate in the allegorical through contemporary form. The Visual Art Critic, Michel Scott claims that, "Robinson's work underscores the possibility that the sacred is with us still, even in the midst of our secular, consumerist society." Robinson has produced numerous solo shows, as well as participating in a number of group exhibits nationally and internationally.



David Robinson
Primary materials:
Renaissance Square, New Westminster, BC