Our Children Again Crosswalk

Rain Pierre, a local artist from the Katzie First Nation was commissioned for a design-only contract to develop artworks for two crosswalks  near Ecole Qayqayt Elementary, one at Elliot Street and one at Merivale Street.

The Agnes Greenway crosswalk designs were developed with a youth art competition with students at Qayqayt responding to the theme of reconciliation. The artist selected two student designs and incorporated them into new artworks.

"This art piece was in collaboration with the winner 'Garett, division 1 with Mr. Shaw' at Qayqayt Elementary School. This piece was integrated together to showcase how we are all walking together and forward with reconciliation. The 3 images in the middle represent the past, present and future. All of which we must look at as we walk together towards reconciliation. It will take guidance and the effort of everyone to actually see the truth of what happened to our people. The images of the people have their arms raised up giving thanks to anyone that walks towards this path. There are two children represented on either side of the larger person. They are to represent the past generation and all the children that were lost along the way. The other side represents the future generations and the work that needs to take place in making the world a better place. The two hummingbirds are facing each other, as we must look to the past and the future in order to make changes for the better good." Rain Pierre
Rain Pierre
Installation year:
Mural, Other
Primary materials:
Traffic Patterns, thermoplastic
Elliot Street and Agnes Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 1E6