Sounding the Land

In collaboration with the City's Parks department, the Public Art Program commissioned Jenny Hawkinson to develop a site-specific mural in Queen's Park.

"Sounding the Land is a 360-degree mural inspired by an initiative to reforest parks in New Westminster with native plants and tree seedlings. Huckleberry bushes (sqw’ukwcusulhp), red elderberry (th’iwuq’ulhp), salal (t’eqe’ulhp), spirea (t’ec’ulhp), cedar (xhpey’ulhp) and salmonberry (lila’ulhp) reclaim space in the image. The design follows the path of the sun: rising near the east end of the container and progressing to the peachy glow of golden hour on the west end. The forest painted on the south facing wall dims at dusk. The sound waves emitting from the bird and the brass instruments speak to who and what fill the park: people, plants, animals and sounds. The waves highlight the tension and the balance required for shared public space, whether it be the physical environment or the many different sounds that fill the air. 

Sounding the Land is an invitation to slow down, look and listen. What sounds are prominent? What sounds are barely heard? Can you hear a rhythm emerging? Engaging in active listening can grow our attentiveness and appreciation for the land that holds us." - Jenny Hawkinson

The mural is located behind the East Field on shipping containers that have been converted into storage bays for community sports groups. 


The lifespan of the mural is five years (2023-2028).


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Jenny Hawkinson
Queen's Park
Installation year:
Primary materials:
latex paint
Queen's Park East Field, New Westminster, BC