Victoria Hill Sails

The piece was originally commissioned by Onni Development Group as part of the pedestrian overpass it installed.

About the artist:

Doug Taylor was born in Chilliwack, BC in 1947. Kinetic in nature, his public installation sculpture has focused largely on wind, water and solar powered features. Whimsical, folk art inspired elements are often signature to his work. (e.g. Khenko and Wind Swimmer). Addressing the global challenge of sustainability his current sculptures are “generating capital ” by selling excess electrical power back to BC Hydro. These energy systems also feature listening stations which help remind us of sounds that are ever present in the natural world, but often unnoticed (e.g. Seattle Center’s Bird Song Listening Station). The challenge is to integrate ecological, historical, social and aesthetic considerations, contextualizing them into the site specific values of place.

Doug lives in Vancouver, Canada.


Doug Taylor
Queen's Park
Installation year:
Primary materials:
Metal, canvas
McBride Boulevard & Memorial Drive, New Westminster, BC (McBride Overpass)