Wait for Me Daddy

Commissioned by the City of New Westminster, Wait for Me Daddy commemorates an event that took place in Hyack Square and is based on The Vancouver Province photographer Claude P. Dettloff’s iconic 1940s photograph, Wait for Me Daddy.

This famous photo taken from the Square, captures an image of Canadian Soldiers marching off to war and became an iconic image for Canada, as well as for nations abroad.  The commemorative installation combines historical and contemporary elements to unite the historical Hyack Square and the Historic District of  New Westminster with Anvil Centre across  the way.  Lighting elements incorporated directly into the work change hues over the evening hours.  Contrary to other war monuments, this work highlights the difficulties felt by the families, faced with lengthy separation, and the not knowing of what the future holds.

About the Artists:

Veronica de Nogales Leprevost, born in Barcelona in 1970, and Edwin Timothy Dam, born in Hamilton, Ontario in the same year, met at an exhibition in 1997 at the Gereralitat de Barcelona. Discovering that they shared an intense curiosity for life, nature and sculpting, they married and began exhibiting together. Over time it became increasingly difficult to distinguish the works of one from the other so they began to sculpt together, co-signing each work that they created. Now residing in Canada, the pair create large scale public scuptures.


Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales
Installation year:
Primary materials:
Bronze and Stainless Steel
774 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC.
Hyack Square