How do I find the ferry terminals?

Wayfinding and directional signage is installed to provide directions to the Q to Q Ferry terminals at the Komagata Maru docks.

Where should I wait for the ferry to arrive?

  • At the Komagata Maru Dock in Quayside, please wait on the timber promenade at the top of the ramp to allow the exiting passengers a clear route.
  • At the Komagata Maru Dock in Queensborough, there is a paved area a few metres down from the walkway from the gate.
  • Please keep noise levels to a respectable level.

Can I bring my dog or cat?

Yes, your leashed and licensed dog is welcome on board but may not enter the cabin. You and your pet can ride on the outdoor area on the back of the boat. Your cat or other small pet in a kennel is acceptable. Your pet does not need a ticket.

Please be aware that humans are given priority over pets and in the event of allergies of other passengers or space limitations on board, you and your pet may need to wait for the next sailing.

Why don’t people wear life jackets on the Q to Q Ferry?

While on the open deck of the Q to Q Ferry, wearing a life-jacket is considered prudent, but it is not required by law. However, it is not recommended that life-jackets be worn inside the passenger cabin as this could impede escape in an emergency.

If you are concerned about safety, or have questions, please discuss your concerns with a crew member and they will be able to advise you.

In all cases, you should ensure that:

  • you know where the life-jackets are located;
  • they are easily accessible;
  • they fit

Safety is a shared responsibility – shared between the boat operator and the passenger. While Transport Canada is responsible for establishing the safety requirements and inspecting vessels to verify compliance, passengers are expected to take precautionary measures to enhance their own safety, and the safety of people in their care, while on the Q to Q Ferry. This includes making sure you get the information you need for a safe trip and ensuring that children in your care are appropriately supervised. Before the vessel leaves the Komagata Maru dock, parents or guardians have the right to ask crew members to confirm there are sufficient life-jackets of the right size for children accompanying them on the outing, and to know where they are located.