Is the ferry accessible?

The Ferry vessels are outfitted to allow equitable access for all users including those with mobility aids. The ferry vessels are equipped with gently sloping ramps to allow wheeled mobility aids free access and tie downs for wheelchairs to ensure passenger safety. The ferry operator will aid passengers upon request.

Are the docks accessible?

Although 100% independent access is the goal of universal accessibility, the tidal nature of the Fraser River paired with the existing ferry terminal infrastructure is prohibitive to achieving a universally accessible dock. There will be periods of time, particularly at the Komagata Maru dock in Queensborough when passengers should use the docks with extreme caution.

What is the City doing to make the service accessible?

  • The ferry vessels are designed to enable people of all abilities to get onto and off of the ferry independently.
  • The ferry operator will always be available to provide assistance to passengers up and down the ramps, and on/off the ferry when requested.
  • Additional crew will be located at the terminal for the Komagata Maru dock in Queensborough during busy travel times to assist passengers when requested.
    Information about gangway slopes will be provided on the Q to Q website and at the ferry terminals at least one week in advance so passengers are able to plan trips based on gangway slope access to the docks independently and safely.