The Vessel

What is the ferry vessel like?

There will be up to two ferry vessels in operation during the service. They are 28 ft. in length and are fitted with reliable, efficient and quiet engines that are adequately powered for the ferry service and Fraser River conditions. Noise, fumes and vibrations will be much improved from last year. The ferry vessels have seating for all passengers and a heated cabin. The vessels are named the Bowen Guardian and the Bowen Belle. 

Can I take my bicycle?

Yes. The ferry can take up to 4 bicycles per trip at no extra cost.

Is the ferry wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The ferry can take up to two wheelchairs per trip. Please see the accessibility section for more information.

How many people can fit?

The vessels can carry a maximum of 12 passengers, two crew, and up to two wheelchairs and four bicycles.

Can I take a stroller?

Yes. Strollers are welcome on board. 

Are there washrooms on board?

It is only a 5-minute crossing and the vessels are not equipped with washroom facilities. There are a few public, accessible washrooms within a few minutes walk of both landings.