Grade Crossing Safety

A grade crossing is where a road, driveway, or path intersects with a rail track at the same elevation. Grade crossings are inspected and monitored by Transport Canada for federally regulated tracks, and Technical Safety BC for provincially regulated tracks.

Grade Crossing Regulations (GCR) and Grade Crossing Standards (GCS) have been developed by Transport Canada to increase safety at grade crossings, and reduce the incidence of injury, death, and property damage, and reduce environmental impacts. It is the responsibility of both the rail authority (operator) and the road authority (municipality or property owner) to ensure that each grade crossing is maintained and compliant.

The financial responsibilities to maintain and upgrade each crossing is determined by the associated agreement between the rail authority and the road authority. Both the rail authority and the road authority are required to work together to ensure each crossing is GCR/GCS compliant.

GCR/GCS compliance at each crossing is determined by a safety assessment report, which are performed by qualified consultants.

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