Online Registration Help Information


Find tips for using our online system for

Registered Programs or Reserved Drop-In


Navigating Before Login

  • Both Registered Programs and Reserved Drop-In take you to a landing page where you can select the activity categories or filter options to narrow your search by activity, dates, ages, times, locations or you can use the barcode or course name in the search field.
  • Once you find the service you wish to purchase select More Information (x2) until you get to Login page.
  • Login, or create an account as applicable, and complete the steps to make your purchase.

Navigating After Login

  • After login, click on “Schedule” to access Registered Programs and Reserve Drop-Ins
    • Browse activities by activity category or filter options to narrow your search by activity, age, day, date, and locations
    • Search using barcodes or course names in the search field
  • Once you found the service you wish to purchase select Book (x2) and then complete the sales steps

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser (avoid Internet Explorer)
  • Use of some mobile Apple devices may result in the application ‘hanging’; a solution is to clear the mobile device browser cache and cookies or use a non-mobile device

Registering for Classes

To ensure all level prerequisites are met for gymnastics, skating, swimming, and trampoline, participants can only register for classes one lesson set at a time. You can register for the next lesson set when you have your grade for the current or last class. This grade determines what level you are eligible to register in next. Grades are viewable at 8:30 am on the last day of your lesson set.

Check your grades online under “Activity Outcomes” in your online client record at If your last lesson set was prior to 2021, you may need to check in “Logs” for your grade.