Adopt-A-Catch Basin


  1. The adopt a catch basin program is available to New Westminster residents, businesses, and/or community groups in the City of New Westminster.
  2. Adoptions are limited to a maximum of 4 catch basins per account.
  3. We recommend selecting catch basin(s) nearest your place of business/residence (see map).


Widgets in the top-left corner:

  • Find current location button
  • Zoom controls - Zoom the map to view different levels of detail
  • Home button - Zoom and pan the map to return to its initial default setting

Widgets in the top-right corner:

  • Search - Find locations on the map based on an address or place
  • Bookmarks - Zoom and pan the map to a neighbourhood
  • Legend - View the different symbols used on the map


Step 1 - Navigate to an area nearest to your place of residence/business

Step 2 - Select an available catch basin to view its popup information

Step 3 - Copy and paste the number in the form below

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2-3 to adopt additional catch basins

Please fill in the catch basin number below, and if you wish, add a customized name for your catch basin. You may adopt up to 4 catch basins. 

Catch basin numberCatch basin name (optional)
(including unit/apt. as applicable)
By submitting this form, you agree to the following:
  • to commit to this program for a minimum of one year;
  • to update the online map each time catch basin(s) are cleaned; and
  • to receive email notifications periodically regarding updates to our program.
This information is collected by the City of New Westminster under Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used to process and manage your application to adopt a catch basin. Should you have any questions about the collection of this personal information please contact the FOI and Privacy Coordinator, 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, V3L 1H9, 604-636-3551, .