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New Westminster Japanese Canadian History (created and maintained by Sakura Taji)

New Westminster Members of Parliament

May 2022 Proclamation - Commemoration of 80 years since the internment of Japanese Canadians
Watch the proclamation in Council (52:55s)
Read the proclamation

Street Name Derivation and Index




Chinese Canadian Community

Hobbis Family Films

Japanese Canadian Community

A Mighty Hand (Twelfth Street Barber Albert Kamba documentary)

My Name Was January (January Marie Lapuz documentary)

New Westminster History

Running to India (1964 Mani Singh and Family documenary)

South Asian Community

Tribe of One (Qayqayt Chief Rhonda Larrabee)



Albert Crescent Heritage Resource Inventory

Brow of the Hill Historical Context Statement

Connaught Heights Historical Context Statement

Downtown Heritage Resource Inventory

Downtown Historical Context Statement

Glenbrooke North Historical Context Statement

Massey-Victory Heights Historical Context Statement

McBride-Sapperton Historical Context Statement

Moody Park Historical Context Statement

Quayside Historical Context Statement

Queen's Park, Uptown, Brow-of-the-Hill Heritage Resource Inventory

Queen's Park Historical Context Statement

Queensborough Industrial Heritage Inventory

Queensborough Residential Heritage Inventory

Queensborough Historical Context Statement

Sapperton, Victory Heights, Queensborough, Connaught Heights, West End, Kelvin and Glenbrooke Heritage Resource Inventory

Star Shipyard Heritage Assessment

West End Historical Context Statement



1859-1861: New Westminster Times

1882-1890: Daily British Columbian

1889-1890: Truth

1891: Morning Ledger

1893-1894, 1916-1917: Pacific Canadian

1906-1914: New Westminster Daily News

1909, 1911: Citizen

Note that there are also paid newspaper sites you can consult to find New Westminster and other local newspapers:

Paper of Record: 1861-1869 British Columbian and 1870-1889 New Westminster Mainland Guardian 1989-1990 Sunday News, 1894-2020 Province, 1912-2020 Vancouver Sun


Oral Histories:

Historical Figures




Other Waterfront Work


Pronunciations and Local Language Resources:

Skwo:wech Elementary School

Skwó:wech (sturgeon)

hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ (Down River language)

Halq'eméylem First Voices

Halq'eméylem Language Resources

Hul’q’umi’num’ / Halq’eméylem / hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓