What happens if a Violation Notice is ignored?

If a penalty is unpaid after 34 days, tickets are forwarded to a collection agency to recover the penalty and an additional late payment fee is applied.

When will my dispute be heard?

A Screening Officer will contact you by phone regarding your dispute.

Can I pay the penalty before the hearing date if I change my mind?

Yes, however, payments received after 14 days from when the violation notice was issued must be paid in full.

Can the adjudicator consider my financial position if found guilty?

No, the adjudicator will only determine if the offence occurred. The adjudicator has no authority to raise or lower the penalty amount.

Do I need to appear in person for the hearing?

No, you may send a written submission or arrange for a conference call.

Can I appeal the adjudicator's decision to a higher authority?

No, an adjudicator's decision is final.

Can I pay the reduced penalty within 14 days and still proceed to adjudication?

No, once a penalty is paid the violation is closed.

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