Electrical Net Metering Program

The New Westminster City Council approved the Net Metering Rate 500 on June 13, 2016, allowing residential and commercial customers enrolled in the Net Metering Program to be credited for electricity they produce.

The Electric Utility has defined net metering as the metering and billing practice that allows for the flow of electricity both to and from a customer through a bidirectional meter(net –meter). Residential and Commercial customers can offset part or all of their own electrical requirements up to 50kW through generating their own clean energy and selling it back to the Electric Utility.

Based on our experience to date, small electricity generators are usually solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, run of river or wind.  New West Electric will credit customers for net energy they produce at their existing retail rate.

If you need more information please contact:

New Westminster Electric Utility Net Metering 905 First Street
New Westminster BC
V3L 2J1


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