Composting is a natural biological process that involves billions of micro-organisms that convert/ transform organic waste (e.g. grass clippings, garden refuse, kitchen scraps, fallen leaves) into a nutrient-rich soil additive called compost.  Applying backyard compost to the soil in our gardens helps to support the rich web of microbial life (cycling nutrients from one form to another) which in turn plays a vital role in the life of plants.  Composting at home also offers a way for residents to reduce the amount of waste being transported to landfills (or other industrial facilities) and helps to improve regional air quality.  

For smaller spaces, residents can compost by creating their own composter by using a standard 53-litre plastic storage bin and red wiggler worms.  For more information on how to compost in your backyard or with worms,  you can download Metro Vancouver’s Backyard Composting Pamphlet (pdf) or worm composting brochure

Please contact the regional Compost Hotline (604-736-2250) to find out more information about composting.