The fee for Street Occupancy Permits is $38.25 per block face per day, and applies to occupation of full or partial blocks.  A block face is the area between the property line and the road centerline for a distance of 1 block.  The block can be defined as the area between 2 cross streets or by block numbers.  When parking meter spaces are occupied an additional fee of $15.00 per meter space per day is charged.  For pay station zones, the charge is per car space needed (a space is approx. 7 meters).

Exceptions to the above rates are festivals which are charged a flat rate of $155.00 per day. Block parties and parades are charged at a flat rate of $38.25 per day.  Permits for temporarily parking of recreation vehicles on City streets can be purchased for $7.65 per day.  These exceptions are subject to conditions and require City approval.

Temporary No Parking Signs

As of March 12, 2019, a new fee will be charged for the installation of temporary no parking signs for Street Occupancy Permits. The fee is $50.00 per block face up to a maximum of $150.00. Having these signs installed allows the city to courtesy tow any cars parked at the location when the signs were put up. For vehicles that park after the installation of the signs, the city can tow/ticket at the vehicle owners expense. It is not mandatory to request the signage but it is recommended; the city is not able to tow vehicles if the signs are not in place.