The fee for Street Occupancy Permits is $38.25 per block face per day, and applies to occupation of full or partial blocks.  A block face is the area between the property line and the road centerline for a distance of 1 block.  The block can be defined as the area between 2 cross streets or by block numbers.  When parking meter spaces are occupied an additional fee of $15.00 per meter space per day is charged.  For pay station zones, the charge is per car space needed (a space is approx. 7 meters).

Exceptions to the above rates are festivals which are charged a flat rate of $155.00 per day. Block parties and parades are charged at a flat rate of $38.25 per day.  Permits for temporarily parking of recreation vehicles on City streets can be purchased for $7.65 per day.  These exceptions are subject to conditions and require City approval.