Block Parties

A Street Occupancy Permit (SOP) is required for all block parties.  For 2024, the City is waiving the SOP fee for the first block party each calendar year held on each block of a local street (see map). Any subsequent block parties on the same block within each calendar year will be charged the SOP fees as outlined above, and in the Engineering Fees & Rates Bylaw.

Only residents of the block where the party is being held, including corner properties that adjoin the block, may apply for an SOP for a block party. Block parties are intended to be a neighbourhood activation so all residents living on the block must be invited. To ensure that residents of the block agree to hosting a party, the applicant must complete this Neighbourhood Support Form showing consent from 3 neighbours living on the same block. City staff may contact these individuals to confirm their support for the event.

For the 2023-2024 period, there is no fee for one Street Occupancy Permit per calendar year per eligible block, however the City requires you to purchase event insurance covering the host’s general liability with a minimum of $5 Million and tenant’s legal liability with $1 Million coverage and naming the City of New Westminster as a third party on the policy. The insurance can be purchased from any insurance agency and a Certificate of Insurance must be provided to City staff before the permit will be issued. Once the permit has been conditionally approved you will be required to obtain and submit a certificate of insurance.


More information on hosting a Block Party can be found here.