Tree Removal Permit

    • In the event that a protected tree is in imminent danger of falling and injuring persons or property due to natural causes, and it is not possible to obtain a permit prior to the tree falling, the owner may cut the tree or have it cut, but shall report the cutting of the tree to the City within the next business day along with a photograph of the tree prior to such cutting. The owner shall not remove the tree from the lot until the City has attended the site and has confirmed the tree was in imminent danger of falling. In this instance, the trees that are cut must be replaced in accordance with the City's Tree Regulation and Protection Bylaw. If the City determines that the tree was not in imminent danger of falling, or was in imminent danger of falling due to reasons other than natural causes, the owner may be subject to the offences and penalties.
      * "Hazardous tree" means a tree identified in writing by an arborist as having defects sufficient to significantly increase the likelihood that all or part of the tree will fall, resulting in a risk of personal injury or property damage or loss.
      • Documentation/photos to confirm that the hazardous tree poses an imminent risk to the public or property
      • Letter from adjacent property owner permitting removal of a shared tree
      • Tree survey and permission from neighbours to cut shared tree(s) or structural roots
      • A written letter of consent from the Strata Council if the tree you wish to remove is located on strata property
      • A report from a plumber and arborist certifying that the roots of the tree are interfering with, blocking, or damaging a drainage or sewage system
      • A report from an arborist that the tree is causing damage to property, including damage to roofs, foundations, retaining walls and sidewalks, that standard arboriculture practices cannot rectify
      • A Tree Replacement and/or Tree Protection Plan

      Downloadable forms for application


    • Application Fee               


      Permit fee (hazardous)  single tree


      Permit fee (hazardous)  multiple trees

      $50.00 for the first tree, plus $25.00 each additional tree

      Security or cash-in-lieu per replacement tree (general)


      Security or cash-in-lieu per replacement tree when replacing a hazardous specimen tree