Frequently Asked Questions

Who can adopt a catch basin? Can I adopt more than one?
Individuals and groups such as school groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, or neighbours can adopt a catch basin. You can adopt up to four catch basins, just make sure you are able to care for all of them.

How often should I check and clean my catch basin?
The best times to visit your catch basin are before and after heavy rainfall, in the fall when trees lose their leaves, in the winter after a significant snowfall, and in the spring when debris from the streets may build up. To update catch basin cleaning, visit Adopt-A-Catch Basin Hub.

What if water doesn't flow in the catch basin after it has been cleaned?
If the area doesn’t drain after attempting to clear the surface of the catch basin, please report the issue to Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or to request further attention.

What if toxic material or other spills have contaminated a catch basin?
It is important to keep paint and other spillage out of catch basins to protect the health of fish and aquatic habitat as catch basins connect to our rivers and streams.  Please contact Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or to request further attention.  

Can I name my catch basin?
Yes! You can call your catch basin whatever you want, but please keep it appropriate and free of profanity and obscenity. Inappropriate names will not be permitted.