Ditch Enclosures

Ditches play an important role in the overall drainage system on Queensborough. Open ditches provide stormwater conveyance, flood management through detention/retention as well as other environmental benefits.  

Through past public consultation, Queensborough residents have expressed a desire to upgrade their streetscape by enclosing open drainage ditches, installing sidewalks and streetlights, and improving the condition of their roads.  These concerns have been magnified by the changing character of the neighbourhood transforming from rural/suburban to a more urban community.

In 2014, the City retained Parsons (formerly Delcan) to complete Phase 1 of the Queensborough Integrated Rainwater Management Plan (IRMP) which looked specifically into the impacts of ditch infill and proposed solutions to mitigate negative impacts to the overall drainage system. The study concluded that the existing open ditches along many local streets of Queensborough have potential to be enclosed with an engineered storm pipe system.

The enclosure of the open ditch will require the design and installation of a City approved storm pipe and manhole system.


The Queensborough Functional Plan provides engineered functional drainage designs for proposed ditch enclosures on Johnston Street, Fenton Street, Pembina Street and Boyne Street.

Please refer to the Queensborough Functional Plan for more information.


The process to have ditch enclosures may be implemented through any of the following:

  • Local Area Service Program (LASP);
  • Subdivision Development;
  • Building Permit Application; or
  • Request by Property Owner(s)

More information can be found here.


Any person wishing to enclose the roadside ditch fronting their properties or as required to do so under a Building Permit without a full Servicing Agreement must complete the application form and submit it to the Engineering Department. If an applicant wishes to enclose the ditch fronting their properties, the cost to do so is borne by the applicant.

Application form

For more information or comment please contact Engineering Services at 604-527-4592.