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Adding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Existing Residential Buildings

For apartment, condo, and townhome dwellers, strata councils, and property managers looking to install EV charging stations, visit

Coming Soon: Technical Guidance Bulletin for New Buildings

City staff are developing a technical guidance bulletin for owners, applicants, designers and builders that outlines requirements for residential parking spaces to feature electrical outlets capable of providing Level 2 electric vehicle charging. For larger buildings, this bulletin will also provide guidance on EV energy management systems for controlling / sharing of electrical load associated with EVs, as well as minimum per parking stall performance level to ensure adequate overnight recharge of vehicles.

New Electric Vehicle Charging Guide for Local Governments

This guide provides guidance on improving access to EV charging in new and existing residential buildings.
New Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guide for Shared Parking Areas

This guide provides resources to support implementation of EV charging infrastructure in new and existing buildings, with a full review of electrical infrastructure configurations applicable for EV charging, such as dedicated circuits, circuit sharing strategies, as well as load management options in buildings.


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