Apply for a Parking Permit


Eligible residents living in a permit parking area may purchase permits to exempt them from posted permit parking regulations within a one block radius of their address. If the area is time regulated (e.g. maximum 2 hours), it must state “except with permit” to allow permit holders to park over the prescribed time period. Permits do not provide parking exemptions for over-sized, over-weight vehicles or RV’s.


Parking Permit Map


Residential Parking Permits

Residential parking permits are vehicle specific. A copy of an active ICBC insurance policy must be provided indicating your current address is within a designated parking permit area. This must also be provided each time your permit is renewed.

In the case of company vehicles, a letter on company letterhead confirming the vehicle is a company vehicle, the address of the principal driver, as well as the license plate number, make, model, year and colour of the vehicle is required.

Visitor Parking Permits

A Visitor permit is not vehicle specific. There is only one Visitor permit hanger issued per household in a parking permit zone. This hanger must be displayed in your visitor's vehicle while parked on your street. Proof of residency, which indicates your name and current address (i.e., utility bill, lease agreement, driver's licence) must be shown at time of application and every year at renewal time. 

Please note: If the visitor permit is lost or stolen before it expires, it will NOT be replaced until the expiry date displayed on the permit unless a police file # is provided.  Lost or stolen permits should be reported immediately.  Any misuse of Visitor permits, such as selling, renting or duplicating, may result in the cancellation of the permit and a $250.00 fine.


Each household can apply for a maximum of four residential permits and one visitor permit 

2024 residential parking permit fees include a 10% climate action levy.

Residential Parking Permits Fees:
            1st and 2nd: $55.00 each
            3rd and 4th: $110.00 each

Visitor Annual Parking Permit Fee:
            1 per household: $55.00

One Book of five Day-Use Parking Permits:

Shared Vehicle Parking Permit:


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