Parking Bylaw Impoundments

If your vehicle has been towed for a parking bylaw, you will need to pay for towing & storage fees, as well as provide a valid drivers license.

Parking bylaw violations also have a ticket associated, which can be paid at our office or by following the directions on the back of the ticket which will be given to the driver when the vehicle is picked up. Please note, cost of ticket will increase after 14 days; you are also at risk of being towed again if there is another parking bylaw violation and outstanding tickets.

Vehicles cannot be parked on a city street without valid insurance and license plates. If your vehicle was towed, you will need to provide proof of insurance and plates prior to releasing the vehicle. You may also hire a tow company to remove the vehicle for you after you have provided proof of ownership and paid all towing and storage fees.

For further information related to parking bylaw impoundments, please review the street and traffic bylaw.