7. Quayside Drive & Laguna Court

Primarily operated by: SRY
Safety audit complete: Yes
Design complete: Yes
Construction status: Complete
Whistle Cessation Process: Step 6


The provincial railway safety regulatory commenced its review in late 2018 of the crossing for compliance with the regulatory requirements for achieving whistle cessation. Since then, the City has been coordinating with SRY on completing the work necessary for regulatory compliance.

The City’s contractor has completed work on the permanent civil works at the crossing. These works included the installation of curbs and a new fence along Quayside Drive west of the crossing. Outstanding work includes the trimming and removal of some trees and hedges necessary to provide the required sightlines at the crossing. Once all work has been completed, the provincial railway safety regulator will inspect the works for compliance with the regulations to determine eligibility for whistle cessation. Once compliant, they can then work with the railway to issue the order to implement cessation at the crossing.

Information last updated: August 6, 2019

  • How do I get involved?
    The Railway Community Advisory Panel, comprised of members from the City, railway companies, and the community formally discuss issues such as whistle cessation. If you would like to attend a meeting or bring a delegation you can contact Legislative Services at 604.527.4523 or  

  • For more information, please contact:
    Roger Emanuels
    Manager of Design & Construction