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December 11, 2013
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December 11, 2013

City of New Westminster announces parking rate increase starting January 1st

New Westminster, BC – On January 1, 2014, street parking rates throughout the City of New Westminster will increase by $0.40 per hour. The rate increase accompanies the City’s implementation of new technology designed to improve service and convenience for parking customers.

In 2011, the City began replacing outdated parking meters with pay stations in the Sapperton business area. The installation of pay stations will continue throughout the city in 2014, starting in the Downtown. In addition, plans are underway to introduce a mobile payment service that will make pay parking more convenient.

“Our new pay stations will allow people to pay for parking by credit card or through their smart phone using a mobile app as an alternative to coins,” said Parking & Animal Services Coordinator Sukh Maghera. “The goal in introducing the two new payment options is to make paying for parking as easy as possible.”

With the increase in rates to $1.50 per hour on Twelfth Street and $1.75 per hour in Sapperton, Uptown and Downtown, New Westminster parking rates will be on par with surrounding municipalities. Pay station roll-out is expected to be completed in New Westminster by the end of 2015.  



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