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February 17, 2014
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February 17, 2014

City of New Westminster joins diversity and inclusion program, Safe Harbour: Respect for All

New Westminster, BC—The City of New Westminster is pleased to announce that it has joined the Safe Harbour: Respect for All program, acknowledging the value of diversity and inclusion in the community. This Council initiative, plus other City initiatives, will ensure that civic facilities are committed to respectful, equitable treatment for anyone who walks in the door, including offering a temporary safe place for people facing discrimination or mistreatment. The program is supportive of a number of City policies, including the Respectful Workplace and Human Rights Policy, and responds to the changing demographics in the city.

In November 2013, managers and staff from various City of New Westminster facilities participated in 15 Safe Harbour: Respect for All workshops. The workshops aimed at deepening understanding of the depth of diversity in the community and the meaning of equitable treatment, offering practical steps to create an inclusive environment and take a stand against discrimination. The interactive workshops also aimed to increase awareness of the impacts of stereotyping, exclusion and discrimination.

City facilities participating in the Safe Harbour program and displaying the Respect for All decal on their front windows are: City Hall; Queensborough Community Centre; Centennial Community Centre; Canada Games Pool; Queens Park Arena; Queens Park Arenex; Moody Park Arena; Century House and the Youth Services Centre; and the Parks, Culture & Recreation Administration Office. The workshop was organized by the City of New Westminster’s Human Resources Department and facilitated by trainers from South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, Burnaby Family Life, Burnaby Neighbourhood House and AMSSA, an affiliation of multicultural societies and service agencies of BC, and funded by EmbraceBC.

“We’re proud to participate in the Safe Harbour program and show that we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community,” said Mayor Wayne Wright. “We want anyone who comes to New Westminster to feel welcome, regardless of their background.”

Safe Harbour: Respect for All offers workshops, networking opportunities, and resources for municipalities, storefront businesses, agencies, and public institutions focused on strengthening their commitments to diversity and building more inclusive communities. To participate in the program, please visit


Contact: Karen Pollard
              Manager, Human Resources         

              John Stark
              Senior Social Planner