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October 16, 2015
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October 15, 2015

City of New Westminster seeks feedback on public engagement

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster is seeking feedback on public engagement through a city-wide public survey. The survey is being conducted on behalf of the Mayor’s Task Force on Public Engagement. The task force was established in early 2015 to review how the City engages with residents and businesses and develop recommendations for enhancing community public engagement and civic participation.

“Effective public engagement is a priority for the City of New Westminster and we recognize that it is integral to good governance,” said Mayor Jonathan Coté.  “Council believes that having active and engaged citizens involved in deliberation and discussion on issues that matter to them will help us as decision-makers better understand the needs and concerns of the community.”

The public engagement survey is available online through the City of New Westminster website and hard copies are available at local community centres. The survey will run throughout the month of October.  Survey results will be used to identify areas for improvement and as well as for the development of new approaches for enhancing the City’s public engagement practices going forward.

“It is important that we receive feedback from a broad section of the community through this survey,” said Mayor Coté. “I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to complete the survey. By doing so, they can have a direct hand in the development of a public engagement strategy that best serves the needs of our city.”



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