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Social Pods at Century House
All recreation facilities are now open. Learn more about programs and services available and new safety measures we have in place to keep you safe when visiting:

Missing that face-to-face time? Century House now has three social pod times available for registration from Monday to Friday. You can book a time slot and invite up to three friends to join you. Physical distancing must be maintained and masks are strongly recommended. You may also be asked to submit the names of your pod members to the office. There is no cost to book but advance registration is required.


Book Online Now
Here's how:

  1. Check off Century House in left sidebar under Location
  2. Click Adults under the Recreation heading
  3. under the General category, find Social Pod 
  4. Book your desired time

Have questions or wish to book by phone?

Call Century House: 604.519.1066
Monday to Friday 9:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Date posted:October 23, 2020