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Mason Bee House Program

You may have noticed Mason Bee houses in your local parks and neighbourhoods. The City of New Westminster values the mighty Mason Bee. These gentle, non-aggressive creatures benefit us in several ways:

  • Improved pollination of our spring flowering plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Boosting the population of bees in our gardens
  • Exploring ways for staff to improve public spaces to benefit bees and other pollinators

We are pleased to work with The Mason Bee Company who have provided the bee homes found at the following locations:

  • Waterfront Esplanade
  • City Hall
  • Friendship Gardens
  • Moody Park
  • Queen's Park
  • Glenbrook Ravine

The City’s Horticulture team worked with The Mason Bee Company to  choose suitable locations for each home. The chosen locations are based on proximity to early spring flowering plants and sun exposure, amongst other factors. When the weather warms up, the bees will emerge and start pollinating. Once the bees have finished their work of laying eggs (10-12 weeks) their life cycle is complete. The homes will be removed and the eggs/larva will be stored in a safe place to be re-installed next year!

The Mason Bee Company’s mission is to create awareness of this amazing pollinator that we need so badly for the environment and food supply. Bee sure to find one of these houses in our parks and learn more about our friends, the Mason Bee.

Date posted:February 26, 2021