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City of New Westminster working to meet housing needs based on current growth trends
Posted On:
May 29, 2024

New Westminster, B.C. – As a regional leader in addressing housing needs in its community, the City of New Westminster is seeking to correct misinformation regarding its housing strategies that was broadcasted publically during the CBC’s Early Edition on May 28, 2024. The City aims to set the record straight and provide residents and senior government with accurate information.

Contrary to comments made by the Honourable Ravi Khalon, Minister of Housing, during the radio interview, the City of New Westminster’s Housing Needs Report is not based on 2008 data, but was a projection looking forward from 2016 census data as required by Provincial regulation.

“The City of New Westminster has firmly maintained its commitment to addressing the regional housing supply and affordability crisis by actively supporting high-density development and affordable housing options,” said Mayor Patrick Johnstone. “New Westminster is currently on track to not only meet but exceed the targets established through our Housing Needs Assessment Report and in the Regional Growth Strategy we agreed to with our Metro Vancouver partners. We are proud to be an example that other municipalities can look to for leadership in this area.”

Planning staff conducted the housing assessment using the most up-to-date information available at the time to determine housing needs to 2031, as Provincial regulation required its completion prior to the release of 2021 Census Data. Upon its adoption by City Council in June 2021, the Housing Needs Report has been the foundation for the City’s housing decisions regarding rezoning and development project approvals for the past three years; the City has been keeping pace with most of the community housing needs identified through the Housing Needs report, through permit and zoning approvals. The City is also at work updating its Housing Needs Report with the latest 2021 census data, but is unable to complete this work until the Province provides their updated methodology guidelines.

“We are aligned with the Province’s goal of increasing housing, and to that end retained a consultant this past January in preparation for updating our Housing Needs Report in accordance with recently-issued provincial housing legislation. We are waiting on the Province’s methodology in order to proceed with that work,” said Jackie Teed, Director of Planning and Development.

Following the adoption of the revised Housing Needs Report, planning staff are prepared to update the City’s Official Community Plan, and the Downtown and Queensborough Community Plans, to align with the resulting new City housing targets.

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