Buildings Older than 50 Years

If a building is older than 50 years, it may have heritage value.

Prior to a demolition permit being accepted for a building older than 50 years, the City will review the building to identify any heritage value. If there is high value, the City may reach out to the applicant regarding alternative development options. It may also be reviewed by the Community Heritage Commission and Council.  Council may choose to temporarily withhold a demolition permit. 

Buildings older than 50 years may be eligible for a Heritage Revitalization Agreement. This is a negotiated agreement with the City which allows development benefits on the property in return for heritage restoration and long-term legal protection of the building through Designation.

To check the age of a building, use CityViews, the interactive mapping system.

Click here to access the heritage review form.

Note: A building listed on the Heritage Inventory is likely to have heritage value.