Heritage Register

The Heritage Register is an official list of properties with heritage value which have been identified by the City. It can notify potential buyers of heritage value, which may alter the development options for a property.

Applications for changes to or demolition of properties listed on the Heritage Register are generally reviewed by the Planning Division and may be referred to the Community Heritage Commission. Alterations and additions are reviewed to determine the appropriateness of the proposed changes in relation to the character defining elements of the building or structure. However, no heritage-related permits are required in addition to the standard Building Permit.

Inclusion of a property on the Heritage Register allows Council the option to temporarily withhold a Building Permit, temporarily withhold a demolition permit, and/or to require a Heritage Assessment. A Heritage Assessment investigates the heritage value of a property, how the proposed changes would affect it, and applicable mitigation or conservation measures.

Advantages of being on the Heritage Register include eligibility for special provisions in the B.C. Building Code and the Homeowner Protection Act. To add your property to the Heritage Register, please contact the Planning Division. There is no fee.  

To check if a property is on the Heritage Register or to learn more about properties on the Heritage Register, view the Heritage Register Interactive Properties Map.