Additional Resources

Background materials and Council reports will be posted here.

September 13, 2021 Council Report - Council directed staff to fast-track the review process with the intention of better meeting current funding opportunities

October 2020: Application put on hold

September 22, 2020: New Westminster Design Panel. Please see:

August 10, 2020: Council Report - Queensborough Recommended Proponent and Connaught Heights Next Steps

July 13, 2020: Council Report - Update on Next Steps

June 29 and July 8, 2020 - Virtual Information Session (Connaught Heights site presentation and Queensborough site presentation). 

June 2020 - Staff conducted an evaluation of the 14 proposals received against the evaluation criteria included in the RFP (see Attachment 2).

May 27, 2020 - BC Housing announced a new round of funding for the Community Housing Fund.

March 2020 - The initiative was paused to enable staff to focus their attention on the City’s COVID-19 response.

January 2020 - The City posted an RFP for each site. The RFPs were open for an eight week period. A total of 14 proposals were received: seven for each site.

October 28, 2019 Council Report - Recommended Sites and Calls for Proposals

July 2019 - Staff conducted an inventory of all City-owned sites, which were subsequently evaluated to determine suitability for the initiative.

Spring of 2019 - The Affordable Housing and Child Care Task Force instructed staff to initiate a new round of the Small Sites Affordable Housing Initiative.