Tennis & Pickleball

Court Locations

Connaught Heights Park - 2 courts, 1 practice wall 
Grimston Park: 2 courts (no Pickleball lines)
Hume Park: 3 courts
Moody Park: 3 courts,1 practice wall (manual light system activation)
Queen's Park: 4 courts, 1practice wall (manual light system activation)
Old Schoolhouse Park: 1 court, 1 practice wall
Ryall Park: 2 courts, 1 practice wall
Simcoe Park: 2 courts, 1 practice wall 
Westburnco Sports Courts: 4 courts, 2 practice walls 

Court Reminders 

  • Parks and recreation lessons have priority use.
  • Courts are for Tennis and Pickleball only.
  • 30-minutes maximum if others are waiting, including practice, play, and substitutions.
  • A minimum of two players must be waiting at a court to claim the next play and should indicate the court they are waiting for.
  • Use courts at your own risk.
  • No pets.
  • No bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, etc.
  • No food, glass or alcoholic beverages.
  • Stay clear of the court when in use.
  • Report maintenance concerns to 604.526.4691.