Mercer Stadium & Track

Artificial Turf Field

The Mercer Stadium's turf was replaced in 2016 and offers users a professional quality playing surface for soccer, football and field lacrosse. 

Use of the sports field and lighting requires a booking.

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Track & Field

The Mercer Stadium offers runners a state-of-art 400 m eight lane track. In addition, field opportunities include:

Stadium amenities

Mercer Stadium can accommodate up to 1,000 spectators and offers washrooms, click here to view the schedule.

The complex also hosts a scoreboard, grandstand, lighting, and a storage facility.


Mercer Stadium, established in 1960, is 12.5 acres. It was upgraded from grass to artificial turf in 2003, and in turn, was upgraded with a turf replacement in 2016. The track and storage facility was added/upgraded in 2011 at a cost of $2.01M with one third funded by the Federal Government. Interesting links: