Rotary Crosstown Greenway 5th - 8th Street

As part of the Council directed 2016 Engineering Services Work Plan, the City of New Westminster and the Advisory Committee for Transit, Bicycles and Pedestrians (ACTBiPed) have been working diligently to plan the enhancement of the Rotary Crosstown Greenway along 7th Avenue from 5th Street to 8th Street. Once the design has been finalized and approved by Council, staff intend to construct the project during the summer of 2017.

In September 2016, the ACTBiPed Sub-Committee had a workshop with staff to review three options being proposed by the City. A report was prepared by staff that summarized the discussion and the preferred option that was identified by the committee members in attendance. Staff presented the report at the subsequent ActBiPed Committee meeting, and proceeded with modifying the preferred option to reflect the comments provided. The draft preferred option is shown below. Click on the image for a high resolution version.


The objective of the Greenway is to enhance the cycling experience for people of all ages and abilities (from children to seniors) throughout the city. The implementation of proposed modifications can significantly improve cyclist safety and comfort. In doing so, the Greenway will build on the increasingly cohesive cycling network that exists within the city and the region which improves connections for recreational, educational, work and commercial purposes.

For more information on the City’s cycling facilities, have a look at p.65 of our Master Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP provides staff and the community with the direction the City is taking with regards to transportation.


Events Date
Council approved 2016 budget and work plan March 2016
Consultant engaged by City staff to assess 3 options for the cycling facility June 2016
ACTBiPed Committee met to discuss design September 2016
Council Report March 2017
Residents & businesses (in immediate vicinity) input event March 2017
Uptown BIA Input Meeting April 20, 2017
Implementation Summer 2017