Rotary Crosstown Greenway 5th - 8th Street

Upcoming Events

A feedback session was held on Thursday, June 14, 2018 to receive input from residents, businesses and greenway users about the interim changes constructed in 2017. Over 50 participants attended the session and spoke with staff. The information boards from the session are provided below.

Rotary Crosstown Greenway - Feedback Session - Boards (June 2018)

Feedback, insights and comments received over the past year, from the June 1st Bike to Work Week event, and June 14th session will be used to inform the ultimate design to improve the safety and comfort of the all ages and abilities cycling route along this segment of Seventh Avenue.

Information on any future engagement events about the greenway will be provided on this page.


Ultimate AAA Design for Seventh Avenue

The City is working toward creating All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling facilities for people to travel through a complete, connected network.

Building on the interim improvements completed in 2017 and feedback received at upcoming events, the City will be delivering an ultimate design for the Fifth Street to Eighth Street segment of the Rotary Crosstown Greenway. The design will include protected cycling facilities, intersection enhancements, and improvements for pedestrians such as plantings, benches and lighting. Construction the ultimate design would be coordinated with future utilities and road work along this segment of Seventh Avenue.

Interim Improvements (2017)

In 2017, the City implemented interim improvements to the Rotary Crosstown Greenway  between Fifth Street and Eighth Street. The improvements were identified as part of the Council directed 2016 Engineering Services Work Plan. Staff worked with the Advisory Committee for Transit, Bicycles and Pedestrians (ACTBiPed) to develop the interim design to enhance the Greenway to provide foundation for the City's first All Ages and Abilities cycling facility.

Temporary treatments were used for the interim design to allow quick implementation of the facility and allow time to determine what elements were working and what needs improvement prior to creating the ultimate design that would be implemented in coordination with future utilities upgrades in the area.

Construction of the temporary improvements were completed in late 2017. Click on the image below to view the interim design in more detail.


The objective of the Greenway is to enhance the walking and cycling experience for people of all ages and abilities (from children to seniors) throughout the city. The Greenway builds on the increasingly cohesive cycling network that exists within the city and the region which improves connections for recreational, educational, work and commercial purposes.

For more information on the City’s cycling facilities, have a look at p.65 of our Master Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP provides staff and the community with the direction the City is taking with regards to transportation.

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