Detached & Duplex Home Water Conservation Study


The City of New Westminster is undertaking a water conservation study. 100 detached and/or duplex homes will be selected in various neighbourhoods throughout the city to have water meters installed. Selected residences will be charged at their existing water utility rate.

This study will provide an improved picture of residential water use, help staff better operate and manage the water system and explore various water conservation measures in the future.


Why was my home selected for water metering?

Detached and duplex homes are selected at random for the water metering pilot program. Residents will receive a letter prior to meter installation.

Given the pilot nature of this project, we will continue to monitor water consumption and consider conservation measures based on the latest research, best practices, and feedback from Metro Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities.

How are properties selected for water metering?

Approximately 10 properties are selected, at random, from each neighbourhood. The different types of zoning within each neighbourhood are proportionally represented. This method ensures that we meter all types of detached and duplex homes across all neighbourhoods.

How much water do we consume?

The current estimate of residential water consumption in New Westminster is 215 lpcpd (litres per capita per day).

What is the time frame for this project?

Starting in Winter 2018, the pilot program will run for at least one full year to gather sufficient data.

How long does it take to install a water meter?

Less than 30 minutes. All selected homes are “meter-ready”, so additional work (i.e., excavation) is not expected.

Will my water service be interrupted?

Yes, there will be a temporary service interruption – typically 20 minutes. Residents will be informed beforehand.

Do I need to be present during installation?

No, unless advised otherwise. Meters are installed outside of the house.

Will there be any cost for meter installation?

There is no direct cost to the property owner.


Open Workshop Session June 2017 (Assessment of Water Conservation Measures and Residential Metering)