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Furled Trail

Studio HUIZENGA is committed to encouraging a sense of curiosity and creativity in the everyday. We believe that art has an important role in city life: it defines public spaces and brings people together. The role of public transportation operates similarly in the urban environment, and a bus stop is nuanced in its status as landmark for gathering. It is a one-time stop on the way to somewhere else; a daily and happen-chance shelter; a place for a rest, a place to wait; often, a punctuation in routine. The Queensborough Bus Shelter both serves and meditates upon these functions, namely its definition as a non-destination means to elsewhere. Within Furled Trail, the directional slats comprising the bench, walls and roof of the structure invoke the motif of a trail. This motif is distorted through repetition, play with scale and placement; the bus stop is a pathway, tangled to represent the suspension of a journey. Additionally, the bus shelter is built for inclusivity and to improve rider experience. The space is well-lit in day and night, with a large skylight in the roof and integrated nighttime lighting throughout.

About the artists:

Christian Huizenga is a Vancouver/ Toronto-based artist who works in sculpture and large-scale public installations. His practice engages with routines of comfort, community collaboration and sustainable building. In his public sculpture, Huizenga’s work activates public spaces by balancing function and user-design with play. Huizenga is currently a Masters candidate at the Daniels School of Architecture.

Aaron Zenga is the owner and founder of Fabrikaat Custom Fabrication and Art. With a background in fine art and formal training in metal fabrication, Zenga’s practice marries craftsmanship and ingenuity. He specializes in custom lighting and one-of-a-kind fabrication projects, including public art and interactive installations.

Installation year:
Site work
Primary materials:
Steel, Glass, Wood
Ewen Avenue across from Queensborough Community Centre