Heliographic Scale

James Nizam’s public artwork, entitled Heliographic Scale, was been installed as the backdrop of the Telus Building in New Westminster. On the stave-like tables of an abandoned limestone mine on Texada Island in the Strait of Georgia, a sequence of flashes bursts across the quarried landscape by means of the sun. Utilizing the shiny surface of a stamper plate (used to impress grooves during the production of vinyl records) as a reflecting disk to transmit sunlight toward the camera, Nizam orchestrated an ascending “scale” of star formations, which he has recorded within a panoramic view. This temporary public art installation was presented in partnership with Capture Photography Festival.

The artwork was installed at 611-6th Street, New Westminster.

About the artist:

James Nizam is based in New Westminster, British Columbia. His work in the area of expanded photography blurs the boundaries between documentation, sculpture, architecture, technology, music and the sciences. The apparatus is always considered, folded back into our understanding of multi-dimensional interpretations of space, time and form. His work has been presented nationally and internationally with exhibitions at Reiter Galerie (Berlin), Christophe Guye Galerie (Zurich), Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung (Bremen), Galerie Clement & Schneider (Bonn), KIT (Dusseldorf), Sharjah Art Museum (UAE), Musée régional de Rimouski (Québec), Vancouver Art Gallery, Surrey Art Gallery, Yukon Arts Centre and Dazibao (Montréal).


Temporary (2017-2018)
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