Street Banners 2022-2023

The Street Banners program aims to highlight local artists, enhance urban spaces and where possible, provide context to the area and activities that occur within the community.


Inspired by the artifacts in the New Westminster Museum, this image is a detail from a drawing of molten glass. The artist drew images of glass collected from the great fire of 1898 which broke out on the waterfront at the foot of Fourth Street and destroyed much of Royal Avenue to Front Street. The glass is believed to be from a church and was retrieved by Sandy Gray who was a lacrosse goalie for the New Westminster Salmonbellies. 

About the Artist

Janice Wu is an artist and illustrator currently living in New Westminster, BC. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University. Her work explores the ways in which meaning and value are assigned to things in the material realm, and the poetic possibilities of the ordinary. 

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Janice Wu's banners are along Sixth Street and the Anvil Centre.

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Janice Wu
Installation year:
80 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC