Street Banners 2022-2023

The Street Banners program aims to highlight local artists, enhance urban spaces and where possible, provide context to the area and activities that occur within the community.

Flower Power

“This image is taken from Flower Power, a painting I completed in 2014.  The psychedelic 1960s and 1970s colour scheme is a throwback to my youth, expressing freedom, hope, love and peace. I am an artist and musician because creativity keeps me well, gives me an identity, a purpose, a goal, a reason to get up in the morning. It allows me to escape from daily conflicts and be in a different time and place. I love to paint florals because of their vibrant colours, flawed beauty and curvaceous forms. To me, they represent healing and the cycle of life. I desire to capture the essence of the blossoms before they fade away.”

About the Artist:

Sandra Yuen is a painter, author, and speaker on mental health issues. After developing a form of schizophrenia at age 15, she earned a Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia in art history. After a major setback in 1998, she quit her job after nine years, and joined The Art Studios, a rehabilitation program that offers art classes to people with mental illness. There she rekindled her interest in art and began writing.

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Sandra Yuen's banners are along Royal Avenue, Twelfth Street and in Queensborough.

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Sandra Yuen
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511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC