Lockbox Program

The City of New Westminster Fire Protection Bylaw requires all premises with a fire alarm system or an automatic fire sprinkler system, must have an external lockbox containing keys, keyfobs and access cards that can be accessed by fire department personnel in case of emergency.

Effective May 1, 2019, the City of New Westminster Fire Protection Bylaw requires building owners to install lockboxes conforming to the New Westminster Fire & Rescue Services (NWFRS) Lockbox Program standard.

NWFRS researched a number of lockbox systems to determine which would best meet its criteria.  The Supra TRACcess Lockbox System is the only one that satisfied all NWFRS objectives of accountability, reliability, sustainability, reduced risk and reduced liability.

The NWFRS Lockbox Program will significantly lessen the City of New Westminster's risk and liability while, at the same time, increase security for building owners.  Firefighters will have better emergency access to buildings through enhanced key accountability and lockbox control.

The Wireless TRAC-Vault is the City of New Westminster approved lockbox system.  The lockbox can be opened with a wireless eKey App, which communicates through both Bluetooth and infrared wireless technologies, providing a real-time comprehensive audit trail of who opened a lockbox and when.  This information is recorded in the TRACcess Management System.  The lockboxes are powered by a lithium battery which is contained within the lid and requires no external power source.

The TRACcess System includes:

  • TRACcess Management System - Internet-based control system used to manage secure database, consolidate access activity, provide reports and remotely program electronic keys.
  • TRACcess devices - TRAC-Vault lockbox installed is powered by the TRAC-Vault lid and the lockbox/vault is accessed using the TRACcess eKey App - no external power or networking required at the site.
  • TRACcess eKey App - using Bluetooth technology, an electronic key provides access to lockbox devices using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code.

To learn more about the program please click on the link below for a full program overview.




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